The Hardest Part About Breastfeeding

The Hardest Part About Breastfeeding

Hello! Hi! It’s Nicole Vascianna, postpartum nurse, doula and lactation counselor, also founder of the The Village Maternity Services. I’m at my favorite place, I’m at Starbucks and I’m getting ready to prepare for a class teaching ‘Baby R Us’ and I wanted to drop in really quick and share information with you, right.

Breastfeeding has all these components to it and different stages depending on where you were or you may have faced different difficulties and issues but in the very beginning those first couple of weeks the hardest thing you’re going to have an issue with, is what to do with the consistency and how often.

This is something that most people are confronted with and they’re shocked and they don’t realize the frequency and consistency of how often new born babies nurse. A lot of times it’s mistaken as I’m not making enough milk or I’m not producing and how baby is hungry and not getting enough.

But the frequency in which babies eat and a lot of folks will tell you every two or three hours but that happens later. That happens after you’ve made more mature milk and it’s fuller, has more fat and has more protein.

In the beginning we’re rarely just getting that colostrum and we’re still revving up and creating that milk volume. Your baby really, can be eating every hour, can look like every other hour, can look like a feeding session of 20-30-40 minutes. A really quick 15 minute nap and they are up again and they’re ready to eat again.

I wanted to talk about really quickly because I’ve noticed a lot of mums sometimes when they’re confronted with this and they’re faced with this. They don’t understand that that’s actually quite normal. It’s a normal part of the actual process.

So I want to share that with you and I hope that is helpful to someone. If you have any questions, you can get in contact with me via my website and that’s You can talk to me via email and that is and remember we go further when we go together.

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