FizzWizz Not Just for Babies

We were recently hit with a hurricane is South Florida.  One of the many concerns was, would we lose our water source.  Many cities tap water supply post Hurricane Irma became contaminated, and we were advised to boil water.  Well if you don't have any power, and the water coming out of your faucet has to be boiled to even brush your teeth with, there's just no way......

Is Donor Breastmilk Safe for Your Baby?

Ah! Breastfeeding! The joys of your newborn snuggled close, your body supplying them with all their nutritional needs, as you inhale the euphoric scent of their skin.  This is the dream most women paint, when they think about what their breastfeeding journey will be like.  But what happens when there is an emergency or you just can't quite keep up with the demands of a newborn? What then?

Could You Save Your Baby if They Drowned

Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death among children ages 1 to 4 -- and the second-leading cause of death in children 14 and under. Young kids are especially at risk because they're curious, fast, and attracted to water but are not yet able to understand how dangerous it is. I know, because as a kid you couldn't tell my anything! Sheesh! I'm still curious as a cat. 

Miami's Ultimate Baby Affair by Tutti Bambini

Yup! Tutti Bambi did it AGAIN! MUBA was most certainly the ultimate.  Spearheaded by Leon-Vega, MUBA, The 3rd annual Miami’s Ultimate Baby Affair, presented by Tutti Bambini, is a unique event that provides you with an opportunity, as hopeful, new and expecting parents, become wiser by learning more about the multitude of products and services through interactive product demonstrations and one-on-one Q&A

Is Breastmilk the Cure for Cancer the World Needs?

There are undeniable benefits for babies that nurse, as breastmilk has properties that cannot be replicated in formula.  Breastmilk is jammed packed with antibodies that fight viruses, and this is why breastfed babies don't get sick as often.  But the ground breaking news that had social media in a frenzy is this picture here. 

Surprise! Doulas are Actually OB/GYN Approved

You read that right! Released in 2014, reaffirmed in 2016, and expounded again in January 2017, AGOG (The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) confirmed that DOULAS play an important role in improving birth outcomes for mothers and decreasing their chances of a primary cesarean.  ACOG, is seen as the authority on women's health.  

5 Ways to Prepare to Give Birth Without Medications

If you've decided that you don't want to give birth inside the confines of a hospital you may be wondering how will you be able to accomplish this and deal with the pains of childbirth.   After all, isn't childbirth painful? The simple answer to your question is yes.  Yes.  You will experience some pain in childbirth, but if you prepare yourself, you will not suffer.  There's a huge difference.  

The Delightful Reason Waterbirths are Powerful

I had the most AMAZING training  a few weeks ago with none other than, Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCCE, Midwife at Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center. I already knew I was in for a treat as my dear friend, nurse, and homebirth midwife Eunice Romero told me "You better go!  It's so worth it"! 

Here are and answers to many of your questions and some of the many benefits of a water birth- and YES it's safe.

5 Things to Do When the Pregnancy Test Comes Back Positive

Preparing for the arrival of a newborn can be the most exhilarating, upside down, panic provoking ideation ever known to {wo}man.  How can you ever really prepare for this journey that will last most of your life?  I had the pleasure of sitting down with a few maternal/infant experts for our first annual From Your Belly to Breast Telesummit and they shared with me insight into how you can begin to prepare for a baby’s arrival.

6 Tips for Finding the Best Photographer for Your Next Maternity Photo Shoot in Miami

I had the chance to sit down with South Florida photography Duss Photography as I loved his most recent photo shoot with Strategic Storytelling Expert, Andy Henriquez and Love Coach & Matchmaker, Coach Cass! You'll see why in just a minute. He has an amazing eye and passion for newborn photography that has only increased with having a newborn child in his own home.  I picked his brain to help you plan your own upcoming photo shoots. Here are 6 Tips for Finding the Best Photographer for Your Next Maternity OR Newborn Photo shoot.

I Mean, Do We Really Need to Celebrate Breastfeeding?

Every August, the world celebrates the beauty and wonder of breastfeeding in culmination of activities and campaigns to normalize breastfeeding. Each year I question whether the noise is necessary. Then I reflect on the journey of the many women I’ve worked with, my own setbacks, failures, and triumphs and I unequivocally answer YES! 

Who are Miami's Best OB/GYNs?

Emergencies happen. YES. They do.  But your diagnosis of "failure to progress" or "failure to descend" is USUALLY a reflection of your desire to run through the front door and be on with your day instead of allowing her to labor down.

A New Way to Give Birth

There are no cold large holding rooms with long lines.  Instead,  you're greeted by the most welcoming staff that has been anticipating your arrival and know you by name.  You enter your suite; an ambient room lighted by only flickers of candlelight and the sun rays sneaking in through the curtains.  This is no VIP suite for celebrities, all though you are left feeling exactly this way.

Toxic Stress - How to Help Newborns Deal with Stress

New research shows that babies not only pick up on their mother’s stress, they also correspond and imitate to physiological changes. Stress is contagious, and chronic stress has long-term health consequences. When babies are exposed to high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, they are more likely to develop behavior problems and stress-related diseases later in life (Asok et al 2013; Luby et al 2013). In the worst case scenario, toxic stress can alter brain growth and shorten the lifespan.