Baby's First Christmas - How to Make it a Milestone to Remember

Baby's First Christmas - How to Make it a Milestone to Remember

Baby's first Christmas is one of the most memorable moments in your life as parents.  It's a milestone that many parents cherish and therefore it's important that you make your baby's first Christmas a great one.  Follow these great tips to make sure your little one's first Christmas is one to mark your formation as a new family.

Make Memories

Many parents find that their fondest memories of their children are those from holidays past.  Likewise, many adults feel they their best memories from childhood are from the holidays.  Christmas is a great time to make memories.  When family and friends gather together to celebrate there is bound to be fantastic memories. 

Make sure your baby knows how happy you were to celebrate your first Christmas as a family by taking tons of pictures.  Be sure to include family and friends in your photos.  Another great way to make memories is to have everyone sign a Christmas toy or write a few words about their experiences with your family during the holiday season.  Wrap these all up and let your son or daughter read them when they are grown.

Go Back to the Past

Think back to the good ol' days when you still believed in the magic of Christmas.  What were your favorite memories?  What didn't you like?  Anything you couldn't imagine doing without??  Consider all of these things and let your babies Christmas be a reflection of everything you loved.

Create Traditions

Want to make a special family tradition that you can call your very own?  Your baby's first Christmas is the best time to start.  Not sure how to start a tradition?  A tradition can be something as simple as combining parts of Christmas from your childhood and your partner's childhood.  Traditions don't need to be elaborate, what is important is that they represent the beauty of Christmas and that they create fond memories for your child to pass on to his or her children.

Capture Memories

The holidays are hectic and it's not easy to sit down and really appreciate your baby's first Christmas.  If you don't' have one already, begin a scrap book that documents each Christmas.  You can dedicate this scrapbook solely to the holidays and every year you can add to it.  Be sure to include pictures, cards, or any other sentimental things you feel your child should cherish forever.  Once your little one is old enough, they can help you continue the scrapbooking tradition.

Decorate for Baby

You may not have put much effort into decorating when it was the two of you, but now that your family has expanded you should consider investing in some Christmas decorations.  Your child will no doubt be interested by the sparkling lights and the bright colors creating a true wonderland for them.  Be careful when choosing decorations and placing them.  You want to make sure baby can't get hurt so make sure all lights and decorations are well out of reach.  Leave only baby safe decorations like Christmas stuffed animals in places they can easily get to.

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A new year full of new possibilities!

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