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Is Donor Breastmilk Safe for Your Baby?

Ah! Breastfeeding! The joys of your newborn snuggled close, your body supplying them with all their nutritional needs, as you inhale the euphoric scent of their skin.  This is the dream most women paint, when they think about what their breastfeeding journey will be like.  But what happens when there is an emergency or you just can't quite keep up with the demands of a newborn? What then?

Is Breastmilk the Cure for Cancer the World Needs?

There are undeniable benefits for babies that nurse, as breastmilk has properties that cannot be replicated in formula.  Breastmilk is jammed packed with antibodies that fight viruses, and this is why breastfed babies don't get sick as often.  But the ground breaking news that had social media in a frenzy is this picture here. 

I Mean, Do We Really Need to Celebrate Breastfeeding?

Every August, the world celebrates the beauty and wonder of breastfeeding in culmination of activities and campaigns to normalize breastfeeding. Each year I question whether the noise is necessary. Then I reflect on the journey of the many women I’ve worked with, my own setbacks, failures, and triumphs and I unequivocally answer YES! 

A New Way to Give Birth

There are no cold large holding rooms with long lines.  Instead,  you're greeted by the most welcoming staff that has been anticipating your arrival and know you by name.  You enter your suite; an ambient room lighted by only flickers of candlelight and the sun rays sneaking in through the curtains.  This is no VIP suite for celebrities, all though you are left feeling exactly this way.

Lactation Cookies. Do They Work?

So you've decided you want to nurse! Congratulations.   You're making an amazing choice. You know all the benefits so there's no need give you the rundown. Whether you've already hit a wall or you're just planning in advance, you may be questioning whether lactation cookies can offer a buffer to low milk supplies.  This is my opinion on the matter:  I soundly believe that covering the basics will ensure your supply will match your baby's need. 

21 Days of Inspiration

My pregnancy was one of the most exciting and difficult times in my life. My world was falling apart as a new one was coming together and at times I felt as if no one understood my plight. What I would give for words of daily encouragement during those times of despair and self doubt. A simple little book I could keep in my purse or on my nightstand to remind myself that I am a creator! My body is creating life. As so many women before and after me, I am fully capable of nurturing and nourishing this growing light inside me.

Motherhood. You're Doing it Wrong. What My Journey as a Postpartum Nurse Taught Me

Does it fee like whatever decision you make you're being ridiculed about your choices in pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood development?  As a nurse I new moms ridiculed for their decisions about their own bodies and their own children.  When did we stop supporting each other.  My dear friend Lina Acosta Sandal, Director at The Nest: Emotional Wellness Center always says, given the information, parents always make the right decision for their children; and I truly believe this. 

The Hardest Part About Breastfeeding

In this really quick video I share with you the hardest part about the early days of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not complicated. NO! I'm sorry. I don't mean to step on toes or make you feel bad. Like any relationship, it has ups and downs but the basics are simple. The true problem is the lack of the RIGHT information and support. With that, you can tackle the hardest part of breastfeeding which I explain in this video. 

Free Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding is demanding but it's not complicated. Sounds crazy but hear me out. The reason why
so many women such as myself struggle with breastfeeding I because there are too many booby
traps set up for us to fail!

If you had all the right information and you were supported could you do it and enjoy the journey? Yes and YES!

World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding is on of the most beautiful gifts for mother can give to her baby. There is nothing like seeing a baby look up at you, smile, an hold on to your finger while nursing. it's PRICELESS. 

One Reason You Need to Wait Until 38 Week to Give Birth

For many moms that desire to exclusively breastfeed, or just want their milk to be the first food their babies eat, new protocols for babies at risk may interfere with your ability to do so. There's tons of compelling information highlighting the benefits of  waiting for labor to start on its own or waiting until full term to induce. Full term is now considered 38 to 42 weeks.  Now with new hypoglycemia protocols, there may be an additional reason to wait. Hypoglycemia is a term used to describe low blood sugar. Severe hypoglycemia can cause bodily injury, coma, and death.  How does this relate to waiting until 38 weeks?

You're a Bad Mom!

Women in our society have so many options and we should support each other’s decisions. We don’t know what difficulties someone is facing until we walk in their shoes. My lactation instructor Gini Baker, would always say “You did the best you could, with what you knew”. This is a part of the reason I have chosen to work with pregnant women. To pass on the information I’ve learned on my own journey.