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5 Things to Do When the Pregnancy Test Comes Back Positive

Preparing for the arrival of a newborn can be the most exhilarating, upside down, panic provoking ideation ever known to {wo}man.  How can you ever really prepare for this journey that will last most of your life?  I had the pleasure of sitting down with a few maternal/infant experts for our first annual From Your Belly to Breast Telesummit and they shared with me insight into how you can begin to prepare for a baby’s arrival.

A New Way to Give Birth

There are no cold large holding rooms with long lines.  Instead,  you're greeted by the most welcoming staff that has been anticipating your arrival and know you by name.  You enter your suite; an ambient room lighted by only flickers of candlelight and the sun rays sneaking in through the curtains.  This is no VIP suite for celebrities, all though you are left feeling exactly this way.

Motherhood. You're Doing it Wrong. What My Journey as a Postpartum Nurse Taught Me

Does it fee like whatever decision you make you're being ridiculed about your choices in pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood development?  As a nurse I new moms ridiculed for their decisions about their own bodies and their own children.  When did we stop supporting each other.  My dear friend Lina Acosta Sandal, Director at The Nest: Emotional Wellness Center always says, given the information, parents always make the right decision for their children; and I truly believe this. 

World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding is on of the most beautiful gifts for mother can give to her baby. There is nothing like seeing a baby look up at you, smile, an hold on to your finger while nursing. it's PRICELESS. 

5 Ways to Relax So You Can Have A More Natural, Less Medicated Birth Experience

Women have given birth since the beginning of time, and yet there is so much fear regarding it. Society offers women the chance to choose the way they want to give birth, and therefore it all comes down to decisions. For many, they have chosen a medicated route as this is now seen as normal birth; hospital, IVs, epidurals and elected cesarean sections. But is this a safer alternative? A major contribution to the fear of childbirth is caused by its dramatization. Every time we see a women giving birth she’s crazed and deranged. She is cursing and screaming obscenities at her poor husband and unable to cope with the pain. I actually have to chuckle a little. Birth does not have to be anything like that. Pain yes. Torture no.

Pregnancy With Styles Part 1 Accepting Motherhood Without Fear

There are certain experiences that have left lasting impressions in my subconscious mind.   Many of my friends got pregnant during or soon after high school.  They struggled financially and emotionally during pregnancy.  My mother lost her first-born soon after a natural birth, and had a miscarriage at 6 months during another pregnancy.  My sister had her children by C-Section after long, tiring deliveries, the last one left her in the hospital for days because a doctor nicked her during surgery.  Movies have told us the experience of giving birth is a dramatic and often traumatic experience.  Super Nanny makes me feel like kids are unruly and I need someone like her to get parenting right.   Friends and Family constantly tell me “your life will never be the same!”  GEEEEEEEZ!