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Toxic Stress - How to Help Newborns Deal with Stress

New research shows that babies not only pick up on their mother’s stress, they also correspond and imitate to physiological changes. Stress is contagious, and chronic stress has long-term health consequences. When babies are exposed to high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, they are more likely to develop behavior problems and stress-related diseases later in life (Asok et al 2013; Luby et al 2013). In the worst case scenario, toxic stress can alter brain growth and shorten the lifespan.

How to Be a Mindful Mom When You Need a Timeout

Being a new mom, you'll often want to live on autopilot- just because it's easier. Your baby is on a schedule and you might find yourself going through the motions to get through the day. Of course you notice the highlights such as your baby's sweet laugh or smile when he or she sees you. And you also recognize the tough times when your little one just can't fall asleep or throws up all over your new carpet. These are the times when you just want to take a time out. But if you practice mindfulness and see every moment as a gift, you'll more likely to reduce stress over all. 

 All it takes is a little practice every day.