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AMERICA- Check out this Lactation {Counselor}! She knows her stuff”.
— Dr. Drai, OB/BYN & Media Personality

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Small world. I attended one of her workshops and it was informative. I was impressed. She’s a wealth of knowledge. Great read
— L. Hall
Hi. Thanks for the great classes all those months ago. The baby, Mia Valentina, is 13.5 months old and is perfectly healthy. Miryam, my wife, is still breastfeeding strong. The feedings are starting to taper off a bit in favor of solid food, but both seem happy to continue with their breast feeding. Thanks for you’re awesome instruction and guidance.
— Dan
You saved my life! “I’m a new mom. My baby is 5 days old & I want to breastfeed exclusively. The advice, support & motivation I’ve received from Nicole has made this new transition in my life as seemless as possible. I recently hit a bump on the road to breastfeeding & was concerned that I would need to result to supplement. But Nicole made me aware of my options & help me overcome my obstacles. I’m certain I’ll have enough concerns during motherhood, but fears of breastfeeding is one less. For me, the satisfied look on my son’s face is everything! Thank you Nicole, for your warm & priceless lactation expertise; it is truly a blessing.
— Aris Montgomery