Nicole: Hey ladies! It’s Nicole Vascianna, registered nurse in certified lactation, educated counselling founder of the Village Maternity Services. I’m getting ready to head in to work, explains the gear, and the bags; schedule’s a little tighter. But I wanted to make a really quick video about all things, of course, breastfeeding. Sometimes I get these messages from people who are kind of just like, “Oh really, is it that serious? Do you really need to do all this work and is that serious? Can I give my baby formula?” and while I will never judge any woman for what they decide to do based on their life, their experiences and where they are, because I was that mom who had no clue and who supplemented throughout my whole breastfeeding experience, for moms who want to do it, we really need to support them, right?


So one thing I was doing this morning was, I was in a refresher. I was listening to nursing companion and it kind of reinforced the things that I already knew. Reinforced the fact that… and I said women need support. Breastfeeding is one of those things that, there’s some reflexes associated with but it’s not instinctual. It really is a learnt skill. Our society has not normalized breastfeeding so whereas like 120 years ago before formula became the norm, you saw breastfeeding all the time because it’s how all the babies ate. Your mom or your aunt and your friends, they all did it. So you saw it all the time, so it’s something that wasn’t foreign to you.
We don’t live like that now. Most women who like now want to do it; you’re probably the first person in a long line of women in your family or your circle to really try to do it. Because it has so many benefits, because it’s the natural thing for your baby, then yeah. Can you really blame these moms for wanting to actually put in the work and the effort to figure out how to do it? The problem is that there needs to be some ground work laid beforehand.
Remember I just said breastfeeding was something that was a learnt skill and people used to see it all the time, which is why it was so normal and you were able to implement it easier. We don’t have that now, right? So then what’s your support system? How do you get that information and that education beforehand? If you don’t have it and you’re going in it blindly, the minute that baby is born they want to eat. I’m not talking about a couple of days later now you’re trying to figure it out, they want to and they need to eat right away.
If you’re going into the situation and you don’t have the understanding, you didn’t do any prep work, you don’t really know what it looks like, your confidence level – it’s in the toilet, right? Then now you have a crying baby on your hands and all you want to do is satisfy that baby. This is not to say that if you kind of like stumble the first couple of days that you can’t do it, no, that’s not the case, but those first two weeks are so important in establishing your supply and how much milk your body is going to be able to make.
Anything else that you mess up and then try to fix, it’s now harder. The ideal situation would be to really get an understanding of it beforehand so that you’re going into the situation already educated, informed and confident in yourself and your body’s ability to do this thing. That’s really why I stepped out to create this online community, this online course and now including making it an entire cohesive program where you could one on one time with me on calls like in a private Facebook group because I feel as if there are other moms like myself who really want the support, really want to do it but don’t know how to do it and don’t know where to go for help. That was really like the worst thing.
I felt so guilty at times because here’s my baby, this is my body – my body is amazing. I just gave birth to this baby but I had no clue what to do and then I did not know where to go to find help. That was really the worst feeling. I remember sometimes sitting listening to my lectures and my professor, Gini Baker, said some things sometimes that just click to me and I cried. I literally sat there during the lectures and I was crying because I was like, “Man, if I just knew this information, things would have been so differently.” Totally, that’s the goal, that’s the aim. It’s to help moms reach that goal; be able to exclusively breastfeed if you can exclusively breastfeed, get as close to as possible, and really understand how it works so that you go into the situation just when it’s super uper confident in yourself and your ability and your body’s ability to nurture your baby.
So that’s it. I just wanted to say that really quickly, like, “No, I’m not like this” time to time I hear like a ‘breastfeeding Nazi’. No, that’s not me my goal is to support you whenever your decision is and if you’ve done the research and you looked at all the information you know breast is best, that’s what you want to do. I really just want to supply and create a way to help you achieve that. If you have any questions for me to reach out to me via my website at, you can get me on my Facebook page, The Village Maternity Services, you can shoot me an email
info@villagematernityservices. You can even send a text to my business line and that’s 3054821649.
I hope that was helpful to someone and I want all of you ladies to remember that we go further when we go together.