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Dr. Renee Matthews has appeared on television shows such as, The Oprah Winfrey Show and TVOne’s NewsOne Now with Roland Martin where she discussed different health topics. She started her media career with her own radio show on SiriusXM/ReachMD, a programming source for health professionals. In addition, Dr. Renee has been a featured medical correspondent on SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning and Café Mocha Radio with Loni Love and MC Lyte (syndicated radio show).

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Ah, yes. DIAPERS! No stranger to comedic one liners, Chrissy, apparently has no qualms about laughing at herself; and we LOVE her for it. But seriously, many women after having a baby, are shocked to realize they lack the same level of uterine control they had pre pregnancy.  Postpartum incontinence can be caused by a few more

Zofran is a popular prescription-based medication that’s approved for use by cancer patients and those undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery. Zofran helps patients control nausea and vomiting, a typical side effect of cancer treatment. Yet, doctors have also been prescribing the drug to pregnant women to help control morning sickness, despite studies showing that Zofran increases the risks of babies developing birth more

So, I've been pumping a lot to prepare to leave Taylor for 3 days next week (insert 😩😩😭😭), anyway - I noticed a change in the color of my milk over a month period. When Taylor wasn't feeling well, it turned bright yellow! I did some research and found that my milk changes to fit Taylor's needs based on her backwash! 😱🙌🏼 So, more colostrum is produced to help her get over her cold! How amazing is God?!? Ladies, your milk is the best medicine that your baby needs! So, I know nursing is hard, pumping, the engorgement & everything else but it's so worth it! more