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Love you! Thank you for what you do sister and thank you for spreading the glow - Latham Thomas, Founder & Author of Glow Maven

AMERICA- Check out this Lactation {Counselor}! She knows her stuff". -Dr. Drai, OB/BYN & Media Personality

You saved my life! “I’m a new mom. My baby is 5 days old & I want to breastfeed exclusively. The advice, support & motivation I’ve received from Nicole has made this new transition in my life as seemless as possible. I recently hit a bump on the road to breastfeeding & was concerned that I would need to result to supplement. But Nicole made me aware of my options & help me overcome my obstacles. I’m certain I’ll have enough concerns during motherhood, but fears of breastfeeding is one less. For me, the satisfied look on my son’s face is everything! Thank you Nicole, for your warm & priceless lactation expertise; it is truly a blessing. - Aris Montgomery

Hi. Thanks for the great classes all those months ago. The baby, Mia Valentina, is 13.5 months old and is perfectly healthy. Miryam, my wife, is still breastfeeding strong. The feedings are starting to taper off a bit in favor of solid food, but both seem happy to continue with their breast feeding. Thanks for you’re awesome instruction and guidance. – Dan

Small world. I attended one of her workshops and it was informative. I was impressed. She's a wealth of knowledge. Great read. -L. Hall

Nicole, you are amazing, thank you!- R. Marshall

You are my inspiration! Just got accepted to nursing school & finally see my dreams of midwifery with a clear eye view! Keep inspiring moms & future maternity caregivers. @smallcity_bigdreamzz

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Because none of my pregnancies have been a walk in the park, I often find myself having to jump through hoops to stay positive on the days (like today) that take an emotional toll on me. This go round I've been relying on these "40 Weeks of Inspiration" daily affirmation cards by Nicole Vascianna made specifically for expectant mommies! I love these daily messages that help me to keep encouraged along this journey, no matter what challenges keep coming up for us. (review of our 40 weeks of motivational cards)


@justforyoudoula - I haven't given them out yet. But I love them...... I haven't decided who to I want to give them to. I may just loan them, because I love them so much. (review of our 40 weeks of motivational cards)

D. Williams - After meeting Nicole and reading about Village Maternity Services, I immediately thought of the perfect friend to gift these cards to...a single Mom of a little girl and expecting Mom of a baby boy. These cards give the perfect dose of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to any expecting Mom! The packaging was too cute! Definitely made gifting these cards very easy...had everything I needed to give her the BEST little baby shower gift, ever! Thanks, Nicole & The Village Maternity services for being the village so many women need in their journey of motherhood! :relaxed. (review of our 40 weeks of motivational cards)