Pregnancy & Motherhood A-Z

Pregnancy & Motherhood A-Z

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We have brought together 13 of the world’s most influential experts in the maternal/infant industry, and asked each of them to dive deep into their arsenal of information to help you shorten your learning curve. You'll learn for pennies what they're clients pay thousands to learn. 

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We're discussing

  • What's Important When Choosing Your Prenatal Care Provider with Dr. Lanalee Araba "DocStar" Sam
  • How Can you Benefit From a Midwifery Model of Maternity Care with Katrevia Campbell, CNM
  • Full Spectrum Maternity Concierges & Newborn Nutrition with Eleonora Barbieri
  • Health & Nutrition During with Pregnancy Gwendy Pacheco Fitness Expert
  • Financial Planning for the Arrival of a Newborn with Shani Curry StVil Financial Planner
  • Doulas & Childbirth in a Medical Intervention Driven World with Sarah Anne Johnson Doula
  • How Postpartum Doulas Create a Village of Support & Why you Need One with Chanice Ford Doula
  • Why You Can't Wait Until Your Baby Arrives to Learn How to Breastfeed with Nicole Vascianna, RN, CLEC
  • The Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation & How to find a Reputable Service Provider with Lilian Gann Doula
  • The Perfect Birth. Expectations vs. Reality with Jennifer Del Sol Doula 
  • The Importance of Estate Planning & How It Can Help Preserve Your Legacy with Elise Rodriguez ESQ.
  • Development & Expectations For Your Infant's First Year with Lina Acosta Sandaal, MA
  • When Nursing Ends; The Surprising Wave of Emotions with Danie. O Lifestyle Vlogger
  • Live Your Best Life Today! Creating a Life of Balance with the Demands of Motherhood with Dr. Reneè Matthews
  • and much more!