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why is breastfeeding so hard?

Everyone wants to try it, you know it's best, but most moms don't make it home before they've already given up! What's going on?

Why is that most women can't make it even 48 hours without given a bottle?  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for whatever you want to do.  Wanna breastfeed and supplement? OK. Not interested in breastfeeding at ALL? No problem! Wanna exclusively breastfeed? Want to help your clients get there? Then you need this guide!

As a postpartum, OB/GYN, nursery nurse ( I know, I've been around the block), I've worked with thousands of moms right after birth and there's an issue you need to prepare for NOW.  As a lactation counselor, I'll tell you what to do instead, so YOU can beat the odds. 

Here are the facts: Only 1/3 of the women that start breastfeeding make it to 3 months! 

Find out what's stopping most, and what to do about it today.