Infant/Newborn CPR
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Infant/Newborn CPR

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Hands on class of the pediatric CPR process with easy to follow guidelines for proper pediatric CPR procedures according to the new American Heart Association's latest updates and recommendations.

Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death among children ages 1 to 4 -- and the second-leading cause of death in children 14 and under. Young kids are especially at risk because they're curious, fast, and attracted to water but are not yet able to understand how dangerous it is. I know, because as a kid you couldn't tell my anything! Sheesh! I'm still curious as a cat. 

But even worst, drowning can happen in as little as 20 seconds, even in water that is only inches deep. Most infant drowning or near-drowning cases happen in backyard pools, bath tubs and inflatable pools. Natural bodies of water, toilets and drainage sites are all places where drowning can occur.

It takes about four to six minutes for the cells of the brain and other organs to start dying, and often this process is not reversible.  CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) uses chest compressions to mimic the heart beat and mouth-to-mouth to mimic breathing.  CPR is really a skill every parent should have.  It can literally be the difference between life and death.

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Breastfeeding 101
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Breastfeeding 101

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Our free monthly INTRO class to breastfeeding with Babies 'R Us. 

Breastfeeding is proven to provide the ideal nutrition for newborns. It's easier for newborns to digest, boost their immune systems, and provides a wonderful time for bonding with mom. Please bring a doll and breastfeeding pillow. To register call 305-226-8406 or visit